Sunday, March 5, 2017

Shamu show at SeaWorld, San Diego, CA

Look at this on the dot, perfectly timed photograph of the awesome "Shamu Show". This show is the highlight of SeaWorld.
SeaWorld is a huge oceanic theme park chain featuring marine life on a grand scale. In the US they are located in San Diego, CA; San Antonio, TX and Orlando, FL.
'Shamu' was the first orca i.e killer whale who became famous for his performances. He died in 1971, but the legacy of his name continued as a trademark. There after many star orcas at SeaWorld were named as 'Shamu' along with other names 'Namu' and 'Ramu'. These trained orcas play so beautifully in water, on their own and along with humans on music tunes and stories. Their play stadium is a humongous water tank which also has glass walls so people can view some amazing things they do even underwater.
'Shamu splash' is the fun part of the show, where Shamu splashes water on the audience. The splash is so powerful that people sitting in the first few rows get completely drenched !!
We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the 'Shamu stadium' as well as at all the other attractions, exhibitions and shows at SeaWorld. It was an amazing fun-filled day in our trip at San Diego, California.
Recently I read the news that SeaWorld San Diego announced its last Shamu show in January 2017, and now onwards there won't be any theatrical entertainment by orcas. Instead of trained shows, the orcas will be featured for viewing as their natural life. The news sounds little sad; but it is a good decision taken according to the state laws as well as for the safety and wellness of the orcas and the trainers considering some previous unwanted incidences.
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