Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sam Houston Statue at Houston, TX

An amazingly beautiful sunny day at Herman Park, Houston, Texas.
This is the Sam Houston Statue at the center of the park, captured creatively in front of the sun.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

A woodpecker's funny expressions captured in Green Bay, WI

On a fresh cool morning I saw this cute Red-bellied woodpecker inside his cavity nest in a tree, while I was taking a walk on a nearby trail.
Actually, I was busy looking at different trees, clouds and the sky, the trail and many such other things, which I usually like to watch while walking. Suddenly, I heard an interesting voice - call of a bird. It sounded as if it is coming from somewhere very near to me, so I stopped to see from where it is coming. The voice also stopped, so I started walking again, the voice started again. This happened one more time. 
I got intrigued and I kind of guessed that it could be coming from the nearby tree (Meanwhile, I was able to locate this cute small cavity nest). I searched for sometime, but couldn't see the bird. Then I thought of tricking the bird, I went some steps away from the tree and kept looking at the cavity nest. And voila! There he was a cute red headed, reddish brown eyed bird and I felt like, "gotcha".  
Then I took some photos of him and I was about to leave for my further walk, thats when the birdy might have felt okay with me being there and decided to make some more show by coming out. And then I recognized that the bird was a woodpecker called 'Red-bellied woodpecker'.
He came out on the branches, he was walking and turning on all sides of the tree trunk really fast. Almost all the woodpeckers I have seen do this typical thing - turning around the tree, as if they are playing hide and seek with us.
See this photo of him sitting on a branch, it was so difficult to capture him outside on branches as he was very active.