Monday, March 14, 2016

Arial Photograph - Chicago, IL

See this magnificent view of the Chicago downtown. I captured this from flight before landing at the Chicago Airport. In this picture we can see the architectural wonders of this beautiful Windy City.

The tallest tower seen on the right side of the photo is the Sears Tower, now called as the Willis Tower. The second tallest tower on the left is the John Hencock Tower. Tourists can visit the observation deck floors on both of these towers to get spectacular views of the city and Lake Michigan. The 108th floor of Sears Tower is the floor where the world famous glass Skydecks are located.

All the skyscrapers are concentrated in the downtown area and individual houses and other shorter buildings are on the outskirts. The snake like wobbly water body in the photograph is the Chicago river. On the other side the downtown buildings overlook the giant Lake Michigan. We can even see the old famous Navy Pier in the lake.

~~ Seema's Photo Palette ~~